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Friday Media Roundup

In the last week:

  • Deutsche Welle reports that international media, including BBG, united in support of the right to freedom of information.
  • Foreign Policy quotes Voice of America’s Margaret Besheer on the UN Security Council.
  • PRI’s The World talks to VOA Northeast Asia Bureau Chief, Steve Herman, about Japan’s recent election of the conservative opposition party LDP.

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A look inside VOA Indonesian Service with Ade Astuti

Ade Astuti

Ade Astuti has been in the news business for nearly 10 years.  At the BBG, she’s been employed in a wide range of capacities—everything from Reporter to Producer to her current position as New Media Manager.

In this role, she took on exclusive responsibility for managing the digital and social media, including mobile apps, of VOA Indonesian Service.

Read more about Astuti and her work at VOA Indonesia on BBG’s Innovation Series blog.

Chief Technology Officer Of The US Visits The BBG

Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer of the United States, visited the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) on Oct. 19 to discuss innovation and the ways in which government can best use technology to serve the public.

Meeting with Richard M. Lobo, Director of the International Broadcasting Bureau, and representatives from Voice of America, Radio Free Asia and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Park spoke about the necessity for innovation and sharing across offices, departments, and agencies.

“Government is invested in driving change in a very entrepreneurial way,” Park said, referring to the rise in technological innovation in the federal government, adding that “it is currently a very exciting place to be.”

Director Lobo’s blog post about the meeting with Todd Park can be read online at this link.