Somali Journalist, Nuxurkey, killed in Mogadishu Suicide Car bombing

A moment of silence observed for Mohamed Ali Nuxurkey

A moment of silence was observed today at BBG headquarters, to honor the life of Somali journalist Mohamed Ali Nuxurkey, who was killed Monday in a suicide car bombing in Mogadishu, Somalia. City officials say at least 10 people, including the reporter, were killed in the blast, which happened near the National Theater.  Nuxurkey worked for VOA’s bureau in Nairobi, Kenya, sending sound bites on breaking news from Somalia for radio reports.  He was not on assignment for VOA when he was killed.

A police spokesman, Abdullahi Hassan Bariise, informed VOA’s Somali Service that the suicide bomber was targeting a car transporting the city’s security chief and several other intelligence officials, but instead hit a mini-bus. Several schoolchildren in the mini-bus and bystanders on the sidewalk, including Nuxurkey, were killed by the blast.

The militant group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the explosion. Mogadishu has been trying to return to normal since al-Shabab was driven out  in 2011, but militants still carry out periodic suicide attacks and kidnappings.

Nuxurkey joined VOA in November, and was working with the agency to improve his English and scriptwriting in the hope of becoming a stringer in Mogadishu.  He also worked as a producer for Radio Muqbal and was previously employed by Radio Kulmiye as well as Horn Afrik TV and Radio. Colleagues have called him smart, ambitious, professional and a pleasure to work with.  He is survived by a wife and a child.


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