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BBG in Bangkok

BBG/IBB Asia marketing team

Our BBG/IBB Asia marketing team — including reps from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, the Philippines, and Thailand — were recently in Bangkok for consultations. They had a full day of rich, impassioned discussions on market opportunities to grow our reach and improve cooperation with the broadcasters.

VOA Khmer Service Celebration

David Ensor, Reasy Poch and Chris Decherd


Members of the Khmer Service held a group lunch in the office on Tuesday, October 16 to celebrate their latest achievements. Participants included VOA Director David Ensor, VOA Khmer Service Chief Chris Decherd and VOA Khmer Program Coordinator and TV-Video Unit Coordinator Reasy Poch, who last week received a Gold Medal Award.

“Each one of you has contributed in important ways to the steady and ongoing evolution of VOA Khmer,” reflected Chris Decherd on the invitation to the event. “This journey ensures that we serve well our audience, the 15 million citizens of Cambodia.”

Said Reasy Poch of his recent award: “It’s an honor to be recognized as part of this team. Everyone in the Khmer Service works so hard. And I’d like to encourage other people to do their very best, knowing that their efforts are recognized.”