Archive | November, 2012

Interview: Glenn Kates, Manager of Digital Initiatives at RFERL

Glenn Kates

Glenn Kates is one of BBG’s secret weapons, although he’s not such a secret to all those he’s worked with around Europe and Central Asia.  As the Manager of Digital Initiatives at RFERL in Prague, he is responsible for developing and implementing forward thinking digital strategies for journalists in some of the world’s most remote, censored (and sometimes hostile) locations.

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A look inside VOA Indonesian Service with Ade Astuti

Ade Astuti

Ade Astuti has been in the news business for nearly 10 years.  At the BBG, she’s been employed in a wide range of capacities—everything from Reporter to Producer to her current position as New Media Manager.

In this role, she took on exclusive responsibility for managing the digital and social media, including mobile apps, of VOA Indonesian Service.

Read more about Astuti and her work at VOA Indonesia on BBG’s Innovation Series blog.